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Need a bridge? When conventional financing fails to meet your needs, bridge funding can help you bank on an opportunity. It can also get you of a temporary jam you may be in. A bridge loan can provide the flexibility and speed you require to act fast on a break. Our bridge loans can be structures as short-term, interest only loans with possible exit into permanent financing.


If you build it, we can fund it! Sweat equity will land you a loan. Our construction financing makes ambitious projects doable. With LTV's as high as 50% and LTC's up to 100%, why would you want to take on a partner?


When traditional lenders will not lend, our land loans can bridge the gap. With LTV's as high as 50% and LTC's as mush as 100%, our land loans have the speed and flexibility you must have to act fast when an opportunity presents itself. They are expensive, but fair, far cheaper than taking in a partner or not doing the project at all.


Hard money loans may be used as a temporary solution to obtain a refinance for a commercial or investment property. This type of refinance is often done in a situation where quick, available funding can help to make a deal work to stop foreclosure or pay off a bankruptcy, taxes, improve or add on to an existing property, or to get cash out for almost any reason at all.


Borrowers interested in purchasing commercial, industrial, or investment real estate property may find that credit scores, legal obstacles or conditions related to the property itself (i.e., incomplete buildings, damage, violations, etc.) may prevent standard funding from banks. In such cases, hard money loans offer a perfect short-term solution. Hard money funding provides time to cure whatever situations exist so that the property can be sold or conventional permanent financing can be obtained.

Whether you are a first-time investor, or a seasoned investor, we have an assortment of tools and loan programs to meet your individual financing needs. Use our easy-to-navigate site to find what might suit you, then contact us today. We can help you realize your goals by offering you all the best advantages:

  • Easy Application Process
  • Fast, Professional and Friendly Service
  • Funding For All Types of Commercial Properties
  • Guidance and Advice From Experienced Loan Professionals